Meet A Dog That Is So Excited To Go To The Park That He Develops His Own Language!

This is a story of a Labrador pup who doesn’t know that he’s going to the park, but he still sat in the car hoping it’s not another vet visit! I’m sure you know that pets don’t really like their vet visits and will do anything to escape them! This pup knew that despite all his tries he could never escape his visit, so there was basically no point trying, but boy was he in for a surprise!

When he sat in the car and when the car started rolling, his daddy him if he wanted to go to the park! Instantly the Labrador pup’s tail started wagging like a fan on high speed! Then he started talking to his daddy, presumably trying to tell him how happy he was to go to the dog park! But it doesn’t stop there! I think with all the talking he’s doing, he might even be complaining about vet visits!

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