What This Little Boy Received For Christmas Is Just Unforgettable!

If you’ve been looking for this year’s Christmas miracle, this may just be your story. A boy and his dog were reunited this week after almost two months apart. The dog, who is named Freddie, was part of a warm loving home, but some extra loud fireworks panicked Freddie almost two months ago while the boy, William, and his family were out a a Bonfire Night celebration. The dog ran away that night, and William was certain that he was only on a really long walk.

Image Credit: SWNS

Little could the boy know that 70 miles, and two months, would end up separating the two. The family set up a campaign on the internet to search for Freddie, who is so small the family was scared of him trying to fend it on his own for long. William was heart broken, and his grandmother did all she could to cheer the little kid up.Head over to the next page…